Monday, June 15, 2009

My heart hurts

A little over a year ago a young man came into our lives, he was shy, kind, and caring. Over the course of the past year and three or four months I have grown to love, respect and care deeply for Zac. He has had challenges in his life, yet with determination and perseverance has not just survived but thrived. He is goal oriented and driven to become the best he can be. I am so proud of him and he is like a son to me. I had to say good-by to him about an hour ago because he is leaving in the morning for basic training in the Air Force. My heart is hurting and I have had moments of feeling like I can't breathe. Logically I know he will be back to us in 8 or 9 weeks but it seems like a life time right now. I know that it is part of his plans for his future and I so admire him for having such strong resolve to be all he can be. He is the love of my daughters life and I can only imagine how she feels at this moment. It is hard, I feel as if one of my own children are going away and it is so far and too much to handle. My heart literally hurts. I will pray for him daily and count down the weeks until we can see him again. God speed Zac....we are proud of you and love you to death.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I thought I would get in on the favorite paint color at 320 Sycamore...some of my favorites:

Custom colors: sage green and deep burgandy.

And Sherwin Williams Mannered Gold